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About Cleveland Quarries

Since 1868, Cleveland Quarries has followed the time honored tradition of quarrying and fabricating sandstone from the Amherst and Birmingham, Ohio area. Spanning an area of acres and containing over 300 million cubit feet of deposits, these quarries are both the oldest and largest in existence. Vast and awe inspiring, the area was formed billions of years ago during the Lower Carboniferous Period, an Evolutionary Era when continents were shaped and rock materials such as Silica, Magnesia and Lime were carried and deposited by the action of waves.

From raw block to masonry unit, Cleveland Quarries has two on-site plants which process Berea Sandstone using some of the most current sawing and splitting techniques available. With the abundant shop resources, sandstone blocks up to 16 tons are transformed into workable paving slabs, split face material for retaining walls, caps, steps, and ashlar.

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